March 13, 2014

Obtained Defense Verdict in Race Harassment/Retaliation Case

Payne & Fears LLP won a complete defense verdict for its clients, an employer and an individual supervisor, in a race harassment and retaliation case in Los Angeles County Superior Court.  In White v. Corinthian Colleges Inc., et. al., the plaintiff alleged that her employer and supervisor had subjected her to discrimination and harassment over a period of two years, and that they retaliated against her for making complaints about the alleged conduct.  She also alleged that she had been assaulted  and battered by having a lock of her hair cut off at work, and that she had been forced to work overtime without premium pay.  During the six-day jury trial, the Court granted an oral nonsuit motion against the plaintiff’s claims for discrimination and assault.  The jury then overwhelmingly rejected plaintiff’s claims for retaliation, harassment, battery and overtime compensation, finding that many of the incidents described in plaintiff’s testimony simply had not occurred, and that the plaintiff had already been properly paid for any overtime that she did work.  Jeff Brown and Alex Ruiz represented the successful employer and supervisor.