At Payne & Fears, we aim to help clients avoid insurance coverage disputes. We believe the best counsel for policyholders occurs in advance of any claim under their insurance policy. Whenever possible, we help businesses plan their risk transfer strategies to help ensure they adequately manage risks and have adequate coverage for their businesses. In the event of a loss, we help clients manage the claims process. When there are disputes, we leverage our years of experience to convince insurance companies to cover claims. As explained below, our insurance coverage attorneys are prepared to assist clients in all stages of the insurance claims process, from beginning to end.

Insurance Problems We Solve: Procuring & Renewing Insurance Policies

Business owners may overlook the importance of insurance until something goes wrong. However, because every business involves liability risks, and because one lawsuit can be financially catastrophic, it is essential that business owners determine what kind of insurance to purchase and how much of it they need. Due diligence during this process is essential. Given the myriad of insurance policy types available, it may be difficult for insureds to navigate this process alone. This is where we can help—with decades of insurance coverage experience, we aid business clients, risk managers, and brokers on how to obtain adequate coverage.

Insurance Problems We Solve: Navigating the Insurance Claims Process

Our insurance coverage attorneys are prepared to help policyholders navigate the insurance claims process from beginning to end. The process usually begins with a timely tender of claim, continues with anticipating coverage defenses insurers likely are to raise and responding to these defenses. When experienced insurance coverage attorneys are involved from the beginning, it is more likely that insurers will adjust claims fairly and in good faith. Our institutional knowledge of the insurance industry facilitates our ability to secure timely, full payment of claims, avoid bad faith, and avoid litigation. Because many insurers know us by reputation, they take claims seriously when Payne & Fears is involved.

Insurance Problems We Solve: Negotiating With Insurers

Our attorneys effectively and efficiently negotiate insurance claims for business clients. We work to maximize claim payouts, often without having to resort to insurance litigation. Over the years, we have developed effective negotiation strategies to advance claims for our clients. We know the nuances of the claims process and excel at weaponizing our experience to convince insurers to pay claims they may not otherwise pay.

Insurance Litigation

No business wants to face insurance litigation, but there are times when litigation is a necessary step in securing payment for a claim from an insurance company. We have learned that some insurance companies have a standard policy of denying certain types of claims even in cases when coverage under the policy may be clear. When litigation cannot be avoided, we work to make the litigation process as efficient and effective as possible. We have secured substantial settlements for clients, sometimes early in the litigation process, and have recovered attorney’s fees and litigation costs for others. We offer clients clear and effective counsel from the beginning of the litigation process to the end, always with the goal of maximizing recovery while minimizing the costs and headaches of litigation.