Our labor and employment attorneys have decades of experience providing employment counseling and practical solutions to employers of all sizes. Our attorneys collaborate with our clients to help them set up their companies for success in the management of their workforce. We work with clients on all aspects of the employment life cycle to implement measures aligned with business needs and in compliance with increasingly complex federal, state, and local laws. We help our clients develop effective and compliant personnel infrastructure including employment agreements, compensation plans, employee policies and procedures, and manager training programs. We are a go-to resource for in-house counsel, human resources professionals, and business managers looking to create strategies that foster compliance and promote a productive workplace.

Employment Advice & Counseling: Onboarding, Workforce Management, Discipline, & Separation 

We advise on myriad aspects of recruiting, hiring, workforce management, and employee terminations. We assist employers in navigating the many regulations that govern recruitment, applications, background checks, and other new-hire practices. We draft employment-related agreements, including offer letters, arbitration agreements, and intellectual property rights agreements. When companies are confronted with workforce changes, such as employee terminations and layoffs, we partner with them to manage legal risk. We also draft and provide counsel on proprietary information and non-disclosure agreements, trade secret agreements, separation agreements, confidentiality, and post-separation restrictive covenants, incentive compensation agreements, disciplinary memoranda, and performance improvement plans.

Employment Advice & Counseling: Policy & Handbook Design 

Healthy employment practices start with properly drafted employee handbooks and policies. Our attorneys have significant experience drafting policies and procedures for businesses, including those with nationwide workforces and remote workforces. We assist clients with developing multi-state or state-specific employee handbooks, anti-harassment policies, complaint procedures, leave policies, and social media and electronic communications policies. Additionally, we review employer vulnerabilities through audits of employee policies and handbooks.

Employment Advice & Counseling: Management Training & Education 

Our attorneys develop and present engaging, comprehensive training on a litany of issues, including anti-discrimination and harassment, codes of conduct, electronic communications and social media best practices, leave laws, accommodation, diversity and inclusion, wage-and-hour issues, and workplace safety. These trainings are tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs and workforce composition.

Employment Advice & Counseling: Pay practices and Wage-and-Hour Regulations 

Our attorneys focus on a wide range of matters relating to employee compensation. From executive compensation matters to advising on the liabilities of maintaining a payroll, clients turn to us for our sound advice and counsel. Our experience includes conducting classification audits, drafting compliant wage-and-hour policies, counseling on exempt and independent contractor status, and advising on “gig economy” issues. We also advise on incentive and compensation practices (executive and staff), bonus compensation, and pay equity matters.

Employment Advice & Counseling: Workplace Investigations 

We work with our clients to plan and implement investigations of all forms of employee policy violations or misconduct, such as harassment and code of conduct issues (fraud, theft, misuse of confidential information, misuse of technology). We may undertake the role of the investigator, or we may assist our client in launching an internal investigation or coordinating the work of an independent investigator.

Our team offers practical legal advice, tailored to our clients’ business needs and goals. We provide a thorough analysis of the legal risks faced by employers, coupled with an appreciation that business decisions often balance legal and operational considerations. While our goal is litigation avoidance, when disputes arise, we can assist with litigation-related needs.