Payne & Fears offers a full range of employment law trainings for businesses in California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. We provide innovative training solutions designed to improve productivity, boost workplace morale, and reduce the risks of employment-related litigation, with practical uses for employees at all levels of an organization. Payne & Fears’ labor and employment attorneys offer training that managers, supervisors, and executives can use to implement and maintain a productive and legally compliant work environment. We also offer training for all employees to help employers to comply with California law mandating training for all employees on unlawful harassment. Specifics on some of our more specialized training programs are provided below.

Employer Support & Training: Discrimination and Harassment

Every employer desires a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. Training is a very effective way to achieve this result. Payne & Fears anti-harassment training educates your leadership on the laws and regulations concerning discrimination, harassment, and bullying. Harassment training is required in California for all employees. Training on harassment discrimination from Payne & Fears helps employers comply with the law and create and maintain a workplace free from harassment. We address the real-life challenges that arise in the enforcement of anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. We explain the law, and help your leadership teams recognize offensive behavior, which may span from subtle behaviors to outright bullying. Additionally, we help leadership teams effectively respond to incidents, handle complaints, and avoid even the appearance of retaliation. All workplaces are different, and we tailor our training to your environment, and to the specific audience receiving the training, incorporating practical information such as your company’s specific policies and procedures regarding responding to complaints of harassment and discrimination.

Employer Support & Training: Management

In this rapidly evolving legal environment, it is critical that supervisors are trained to effectively manage their staff. Our attorneys provide managers training in the following areas:

  • Performance management and employee discipline
  • Reasonable accommodation under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), other state and local laws, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Leaves of absence under the California Family Rights Act, the Pregnancy Disability Leave Law, other state and local laws, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and workers compensation laws
  • Ethics and business conduct
  • Conducting effective investigations
  • New manager legal compliance bootcamp
  • Specially created trainings to meet your needs

We understand the nuances of the law and train on best practices to help our clients recognize and successfully navigate these complex issues.

Employer Support & Training: Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention

Recruiting and retaining the best employees is crucial to a company’s success. Poor performance and unsavory conduct often can be predicted (and thus avoided) if employers spend more time and energy during the recruitment period. We train hiring personnel on the most legal aspects of recruitment and hiring. From application review and interviews to background screening, we work with our clients to ensure that they get the answers they need before making a hire. We also work with our clients on how to retain quality recruits once hired.

Employee Support & Training: How We Can Help

We are trusted to deliver communication, leadership, and compliance trainings to clients. Payne & Fears trainings are based on employment law essentials and address everything from legal compliance to leadership advancement, investigations practices, communication, conflict management skills, risk analysis, and managing within the law. Our clients trust us to develop internal training programs and depend on us to keep their employee relations practices current and effective.