July 30, 2017

Too much information? Think your e-mails and phone calls at work are private? Think again.

Employees often feel they have more rights to privacy at work than they actually do, according to an August 3rd article in the Miami Herald. As long as employees are made aware of company privacy policies, employers in most states are allowed to videotape workers, search workspaces, and examine e-mails and online activity without prior consent. Payne & Fears attorney Rich Falcone advised employers on the safest and most effective ways to publicize corporate privacy policies. “First, an employer should disseminate its written policies informing its employees that they should not have an expectation of privacy with regards to computers, lockers, desks, vehicles, or other personal effects,” Rich told the Miami Herald. “Second, an employer should obtain the written approval of its employees by having them acknowledge their awareness of the employer’s policy and granting permission for the employers to inspect lockers, desks, etc.”