March 14, 2014

Defeated Statewide Class Action Alleging Unpaid Wages

Payne & Fears LLP helped lead counsel in Virginia obtain summary judgment in May, 2010 in favor of a major retail franchisor over a statewide class action lawsuit affecting thousands of employees. The named plaintiff, an employee of one of defendant’s franchises, brought suit in the Imperial County Superior Court, alleging claims for breach of contract and unfair business practices. She alleged that she was a third party beneficiary to the franchise agreement and that she had been deprived of wages due to the payroll services the defendant provided to its franchise operators. Eric C. Sohlgren and Sheela S. Krishnan of Payne & Fears LLP supported Eric Welter of the Welter Law Firm in defense of the case. Payne & Fears LLP has in-depth experience in assisting companies and counsel throughout the United States in defending employment cases brought in California.