October 18, 2019

Risk Management: What Do All Those Contractual Indemnity and Insurance Provisions Mean, Anyway?

Your executives look to you for help drafting contracts every day. Those contracts routinely contain provisions governing insurance requirements and indemnity. What do those insurance provisions mean, and what should you bargain for? And how can you ensure that the indemnity provisions protect your company against appropriate risks? (Spoiler alert:  No, you should not simply copy-and-paste the insurance and indemnity provisions from whatever old agreement you happen to have sitting in a desk drawer.) This presentation will provide legal and practical guidance for negotiating, drafting, and enforcing insurance and indemnity provisions.

This CLE seminar is brought to you by Association of Corporate Counsel, Nevada Chapter in conjunction with Payne & Fears LLP.

Continuing Education
Credits: 1.0 hour
State: Nevada
Category: General