October 31, 2018

Payne & Fears LLP Takes Active Role with The CFO Leadership Council – Orange County, CA Chapter

October 31, 2018 – Irvine, Calif. – Payne & Fears LLP is pleased to announce that Blake Dillion (Associate, Irvine) and Peter D. Hernandez, CPA (Director of Finance) are appointed members to The CFO Leadership Council – Orange County Chapter’s Steering Committee.

Peter has been an integral part of The CFO Leadership Council – Orange County CA Chapter since its inception in 2015 bringing extensive financial, operational, and strategic experience to his role as Steering Committee Member.

As Members of the Steering Committee, Blake and Peter participate in brainstorming programming topics relevant to the duties and responsibilities of the role of a CFO along with finding speakers for each of the monthly sessions. Attending these sessions offer the opportunity for Blake and Peter to network with chapter and prospective member CFOs.

Payne & Fears LLP is also a proud sponsor of this dynamic organization. If you are interested in attending a CFO Leadership Council meeting as a guest of our firm, please reach out to Peter D. Hernandez, CPA at pherhandez@paynefears.com or Blake Dillion at bad@paynefears.com.

About CFO Leadership Council

Founded in 2006, The CFO Leadership Council began as an informal gathering of finance executives who wanted to build lasting connections with their peers in a comfortable, confidential setting.  Originally named “The CFO RoundTable,” our close community has grown significantly over time and, to date, includes 23 chapters and more than 1,300 members who actively drive the organization through their feedback and insight.