October 6, 2022

Payne & Fears LLP Launches Redesigned Website, Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary

Payne & Fears is thrilled to announce the launch of our redesigned Website at paynefears.com. This redesign highlights the value of Payne & Fears’ legal services as we celebrate our 30th anniversary. By underscoring the firm’s dedication to our clients, we’ve shaped our branding to reflect why Payne & Fears continues to win accolades for the quality of its client service. We see ourselves as more than just lawyers—we are true advocates for, and friends with, our clients, and make a point of familiarizing ourselves with all aspects of their businesses.

Payne & Fears invites visitors to explore the new Website, including our most recent insights on employment law, business litigation, and insurance coverage issues, at paynefears.com.

About Our 30-Year History

Payne & Fears was founded in 1992 in Orange County, California, by attorneys James L. Payne and Daniel F. Fears. The two young attorneys shared an entrepreneurial spirit and a successful experience working together at a large national law firm. They decided to team up and establish a new, more nimble law firm in Orange County, leveraging their Big Law backgrounds and pairing high-quality business representation with the agility of a smaller firm. Right out of the gate, the firm sought to establish long-standing client relationships and foster a culture of collaboration.

After losing sleep over the intimidating sound of their combined surnames, they tossed a coin to decide whose name would come first in the firm’s name, and the law firm of Payne & Fears LLP was born. The novelty of this law firm’s name was wild enough to attract attention from late night talk show hosts. Jay Leno once quipped, “Why, here’s a frightening law firm. These are not people you want to meet in court!” Today, as our tagline indicates, “Our name gets attention. Our attorneys get results.”

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