July 30, 2017

Facebook friends as job references?

With the popularity of online networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn, more and more hiring managers are turning to the web to find and interview references for prospective employees. As an August 18th MSNBC article reports, HR professionals are using applicants’ social networking profiles to contact friends, get references, and uncover more information about potential employees, often without the applicant’s knowledge or permission. While many HR professionals consider social networking sites a convenient and useful tool for uncovering information, Payne & Fears attorney Rich Falcone warns that hiring managers still need to exercise caution and discretion. “Some managers may have the feeling of freedom in cyberspace, doing things from home when they don’t feel the restraints of the office with the HR person looking over their shoulder,” Falcone told MSNBC. “We recommend they just give out name, rank, and serial number.”