Two men and three women at a table using their tablets while participating in a webcast.
12:00PM to 1:00PM PDT
United States
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Trends in Pay Equity - Developments in CA, NY, MA and Nationwide

The news abounds with discussions of fair pay and pay equity. This webinar will cover new developments in California, New York, Massachusetts and elsewhere that pertain to employers in recruiting, promoting, and establishing pay rates.

We will discuss the current "state of the states" - and the nation - in pay equity issues  and will share predictions for the future of pay equity and review fair pay audits and provide pointers for employers navigating fair pay rules in multiple states and throughout the country.

Topics include: 

  • National trends and developments in pay equity, including federal legislation and EEO reporting 
  • State developments in pay equity, focusing on laws in California, New York, Massachusetts and Maryland
  • Prognostications for the future - expanding protections in states and municipalities
  • The basics of fair pay audits and issues pertaining to data gathering, mining, and the attorney/client privilege
  • Practical tips for national employers