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Labor and Employment Law
Employers should ensure that harassment training taking place after January 1, 2018 include gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. Employers should also keep an eye out for the amended harassment training poster to be developed and published by the DFEH.
Insurance Coverage
A California Court of Appeal has confirmed that additional insured endorsements (“AIE”) granting coverage for liability arising out of a named insured’s “ongoing operations,” and in effect during those “ongoing operations,” do not require that the liability arise while the named insured is performing work.
Business Litigation
The Sedona Conference’s recently-published third edition comes at a time when litigants need guidance regarding the last decade’s evolution of technology and the resulting e-discovery obligations. On this front, a number of helpful topics are addressed by the new edition.
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2008 |
The California Legislature continues to be active in passing legislation affecting California employers and employees. This article outlines the most notable employment laws that went into effect in California on January 1, 2008.
2007 |
Dick Jackson, Lieutenant Colonel Eric T. Jensen & Robert Matsuishi, The Law of War after the DTA, Hamdan, and the MCA, ARMY LAW., Sept. 2007, at 19.
Publication, Labor and Employment Law
2006 | Publication, Labor and Employment Law
Attorney Leila Narvid published "New health services bring new risks to consider" in Healthcare Risk Management