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Looking Ahead: A Comprehensive Guide to COVID-19 Employment Decisions Through Downsizing, Furloughs, and Return to Work

After weeks of adjustment to the sudden spread of COVID-19, including dramatic business slowdowns, government shutdown orders, and financial rescue measures for employees and employers, businesses are adapting to the “new normal” while looking ahead to a gradual return to business operations.  

This article is intended to be strategic and forward-looking in responding to COVID-19. The article summarizes recent legal requirements and regulatory guidance, with links to Payne & Fears COVID-19 alerts, to help your business work safely through current conditions and the safe resumption of business activity at the appropriate time, including: 

  • layoffs and furloughs;
  • discrimination and privacy issues related to current employee health and safety;
  • work from home issues, including compensation and reimbursement;
  • sick pay and family leave;
  • rehiring under the CARES Act for SBA loans; and
  • COVID-19 issues during rehiring and return to work.

This guidance is current as of April 13, 2020, and should not be considered legal advice. As federal and state legislation and regulatory guidance continue to change, we recommend contacting your Payne & Fears attorney for updates and specific guidance for your business and continuing to monitor our COVID-10 RESOURCE CENTER.