Two men and three women at a table using their tablets while participating in a webcast.
9:00AM to 10:00AM PST
United States
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Webinar: Legal & Tax Pitfalls of a Remote Workforce

Many companies are shifting to remote or hybrid workplaces. Our legal and tax professionals are teaming together to highlight hot-button issues for your remote workforce.

Tax Pitfalls

  • Employment
  • Income tax
  • Residency
  • Physical performance
  • Convenience rules
  • For independent contractors, where is income sourced?

Legal Pitfalls

  • Wage & hour compliance
  • Leaves of absence & other entitlements
  • Recordkeeping
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Notice & posting requirements
  • Performance management

Presented by LSL and Payne & Fears. Featuring LSL CPA Mike Agresti, and Payne & Fears attorneys Leila Narvid and Melissa Clarke.


Leila Narvid, Partner.
ln [at]
Melissa (Powar) Clarke, Partner.
mec [at]