Summer Associates

There are no summer associate positions available at this time.  Please revisit our website in the future, as our hiring needs change periodically.

Payne & Fears LLP is devoted to growth through our summer associate program and seeks to hire exceptionally well-qualified applicants with high academic standing.  In recent years, summer associates have hailed from Boalt Hall, Harvard, Hastings, Loyola, Stanford and UCLA.

Summer associates are encouraged to work with as many attorneys as possible during the summer, and receive assignments in a variety of practice areas ranging from corporate transactions to employment litigation. Work assignments are monitored by the Head of the Summer Associate Committee and distributed to ensure a variety of work, or, if the summer associate expresses an interest in a particular area, to channel projects in that area.

Payne & Fears LLP also emphasizes "spectator assignments" during which the summer associate accompanies an attorney to client meetings, depositions or court appearances. Summer associates are also invited to participate in various social events such as the Firm's annual golf tournament, the infamous Payne & Fears 500, attorney dinners, parties, sporting events, concerts and theater. Such activities are an integral part of the Firm's summer program as they allow recruits the opportunity to interact with attorneys in a social setting away from work.

The Firm hires summer associates at compensation levels competitive with the major firms in the area. Summer associates are permitted to split their summers with other firms, although generally the Firm requests that the summer associate spend the first half of the summer at Payne & Fears LLP.